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Sports ProResolve

Sports ProResolve


Sports ProResolve, formulated with Specialized ProResolving Mediators (SPMs), is designed to support optimal inflammatory response, recovery and athlete’s performance.*

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  • ProResolving Inflammation

    Health conditions, physical stress due to injury, or dietary choices may compromise the body’s natural ability to manage inflammation.

  • Specialized ProResolving mediators (SPMs)

    SPMs are endogenous mediators, which promote resolution of inflammation, clearance of microbes, reduction of pain, and promotion of tissue regeneration1.

  • NSF Certified for Sport®

    Ensures athletes, coaches and discerning consumers that the supplement they are taking has been tested and certified for quality and safety.

  • Additional Information

    This product is Gluten Free and Non-GMO.

    500 mg- 120 softgels